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A Wise Voice in Education!

“The powerful noblemen have doled out their marching orders to us, the commoners and we had better comply or beware. David Coleman and Susan Pimenthal, co-authors of the Common Core Standards, are not educators. They have not spent time in classrooms on the front lines and yet they have determined the core, the central, innermost, or most essential part of education. So the question is…what does this mean for the public education of our students, your kids, my kids and those of the future?” 

       Tomasen Carey

I have not yet met Tomasen Carey face to face but because we have communicated

via mail, I know that we have met soul to soul!

In her blog this week, she truly hits the nail on the head in terms of how the common core standards impacts on early childhood instruction. I urge you to read (and if you are so inclined) to respond to her latest entry.