An Important Letter to the NYS Commissionner of Education

My former colleague, Liz Phillips, the principal of P.S. 321, Park Slope, Brooklyn, wrote this important letter to the commissionner of education in New York State. It’s a must read. Your thoughts will be shared with her if you like.

3 thoughts on “An Important Letter to the NYS Commissionner of Education

  1. Tomasen

    Thank you for passing this along. As a whole we need to stand up against these tests. There are so many stories out there that need to be told! A friend of mine quit a testing company because the scoring was inaccurate, but the company did not want to admit to it’s error…but he understood what this meant for these students. This was on the SAT level and the amount of emphasis at that level can make or break a child’s life in one direction or another as it is used to determine scholarship money, college entrance etc. Thank YOU for writing this and for sharing this! Let’s keep this kind of dialogue going and seek change!!

  2. Debra Hoffmann

    Liz Phillips was very brave to write this letter and it was written very well indeed. I hope Liz hears back form The Commisioner and his response is put on the blog site.

    1. Renee Post author

      Debra, I’m going to check with Liz to see if she got a response. Yes, it was brave and well-expressed.


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